Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh Great

I thought we had dodged the Favre bullet, but I should have known better. We should have realized when we never got a fourth QB to split reps when TJack and Sage got nicked up. It was obvious Chilly had given Favre anything he wanted in this (no Mankato, $12 million, no OTAs, etc.) I hope I am wrong, but I think we are better off without him and had a better chance to win without him. I don't think the thing with his arm is completely rehabbed. By the way Favre has done this thing, he has put himself way above his new team. I just don't think Favre can trust his teammates and the game plan without going his own way. We need someone who can take care of the ball, something Favre never has been very well at. Many people have heard me say he is the only QB I know who would take an interception to avoid a sack. I hope I'm wrong.
Who should we cut? That's a choice I wouldn't want to make. Sage has been (and probably still is) our best QB. Booty may or may not be something, but if we float him to get him on the practice squad someone would surely claim him. Most assumed it would be Tjack because you'd have Sage and his contract is up after this year. The reason I think the Vikings might need him sometime this reason is he is at least he can escape trouble. The biggest weakness on our team is our O-line and I think Tjack's mobility might be our only answer to that. I hope I'm wrong.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Delays in Football Products

Several recent delays were announced in highly anticipated football products. Topps Triple Threads, Upper Deck Ultimate and Upper Deck SP Authentic are all going to be delayed at least a month. It is disappointing having all of these products coming out both after Christmas and after the regular season is over. I am guessing that the Upper Deck products are being delayed because they are trying to include more hard signed autographs and are trying to reduce redemptions. I am glad that they are including hard signed autographs, but don’t understand why they can’t plan ahead and get these products out earlier in the season and on time.

Playoff Contenders is coming out in the first week in January, one week later than originally expected. I believe that Contenders will have sticker autographs as it has for the last several years. It will still be a very popular product with rookie card collectors and set builders.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Knights Hockey Review

Volume II issue I
The Knights lost their season opener 6-3 to the Maroons. We spotted them a 3-0 first period lead and could not catch up. They have some new players and are much improved over the ratty bunch they were last year. The Knights also have five new players and we are still trying to get on the same page. We had just eight forwards and suffered from having me and my out of shape self on center. However we did outshoot them and had a number of shots off the iron.
Game Summary: (Caraher style)
1st Period
1:53 Maroons GOAL Scored by #3 Ginsberg assisted by #32 Warsett. 2:17 Maroons GOAL Scored by #10 Diamond assisted by #9 Fogel. Not exactly a quick start. 9:03 Maroons GOAL Scored by #8 Heilichar unassisted. A bad start, but we started to clot the last 5 minutes of the period. Maroons 3 Knights 0
2nd Period
:08 KNIGHTS GOAL!! Scored by #12 Steve Parry(1) assisted by #9 Wes Colborn(1). Wes stepped around the center from the draw went in, shot and then centered the rebound to Steve who scored his first career goal. 1:30 Maroons GOAL scored by #32 Warsett assisted by #35 Kalb & #1 (what a bad number for a nongoalie) Hebert. Completely my fault, I had 32 to the right of the net and he was quicker to a loose puck than me. ick. 4:12 Knights Penalty #19 Al Prokott 2-min interference. Oops I don't think we practiced the penalty kill yet. 5:51 Maroons PP GOAL scored by #9 Fogel unassisted. Ugly penalty kill, forwards playing low, d playing high, never got a good deep clear or line change. Some minutes later some penalty was called on some maroon guy but it somehow never made the scoresheet. 9:26 Maroons penalty, bench minor for too many men. I think the first guy came out of the box too soon. Two power plays in a row and no goals. 15:27 KNIGHTS GOAL Scored by #12 Parry(2) assisted by #48 Arlan Miller(1) and#27 Dan McKinnon(1). I'm not sure where their team was on this one. I made a move on a d at their blue line and was in clear but I coughed up the puck, I stopped to get it and I see Steve following the play. He and Arlan both had possession and shot it past the goalie and Steve pushed a sitting rebound into the net. 16:30 KNIGHTS GOAL Scored by #8 Knight (not named after the team) Jensen(1) assisted by #9 Colborn(2). Good pressure and possession in the zone and good pass to Knight in low slot. Maroons 5 Knights 3
3rd Period
2:59 Maroons GOAL scored by #9 Fogel assisted by #7 Frommstein & #12 Thiede. Breakaway, I covered Jensen on the point and let the guy get behind me and realized I have no make up speed. Pretty much then on, we carried a lot of the play, but the game's scoring was complete. We had a couple of metallurgy saves and a couple missed nets, but no love. 16:00 Maroons penalty #21 Kohn slashing minor. Final score Maroons 6 Knights 3
Three Stars: #3 Maroons G #31 Qualy(and his pipes) #2 Knights #12 RW Steve Parry (2 Goals) #1 Maroons #9 Fogel (2G 1A)
I finished a -2 with 2 SOG. I probably won 70% of my faceoffs, which is fun. I think we have a solid team and I think this will be a good, competitive team and a fun bunch of guys and Kristel to skate with. Next up, the ice dogs or hounds or something like that.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008 Leaf Limited Football

We received 2008 Leaf Limited Football today. 2007 Leaf Limited was a popular product for us. We still have customers looking to open it. 2007 was packaged with seven cards per pack and basically a one pack box. Donruss changed the configuration this year to be 16 packs per box and 5 cards per packs and a slightly higher price.

The hits per box seem the same (about 4 per box, usually with one or two autographs). Obviously there are a lot more base cards this year and a handful of inserts per box. The base cards are not numbered this year.

The hits this year and very similar to last year. All of the jerseys are numbered to 100 or less and many are patches. Autographed rookies are numbered out of 99 and should be popular again this year.

I think that Donruss could have worked on leaving this as a high end product and worked on making the value better rather than reconfiguring this product and making it similar to a lot of their other products. It will still be a fairly good product, but could have been a great one.

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Singles on Web Site

We have been adding a lot of singles to our online store lately. We now have over 205,000 different cards available. These cards can all be purchased through the web site or viewed in store.

If there is a particular set that you are looking for cards from, please let us know and we will try to add them as soon as possible. The web site lists when sets are updated. For example today, 2006-07 Fleer, SP Authentic and Black Diamond Hockey have been updated.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Gopher Hockey

We're in Madison for the Gopher v. Badger hockey series. It is also Wisconsin's homecoming. Lucky for the Badgers, they pulled out their first Big Ten win versus Illinois. However, they did not gain any ground on the Gophers in the Big Ten race as the Gopher's also won today over Purdue.

Yesterday was a hockey double header, as both the men's and women's teams are in Madison. The lady Gophers took the ice first and were tied at the end of regulation and overtime with the Badgers, which meant it was shoot out time. The Gophers had the only goal of the shootout and earned the extra point in the standings. That evening, the men's teams were also tied after regulation and the overtime, but no shoot out. Seeing how excited the crowd was at the end of the game and into overtime, it would have been the perfect setting for a shoot out. We just need the men's WCHA to follow in the lead of the women's conference.

With some down time today, we checked out two local card shops. The first shop has been in business since 1973. They had a lot of product back to that time. To support our fellow card shop owners, we bought a box of 08-09 Ultra Hockey, the contents of which are on our Box Break page. At the second stop, no boxes of interested, but we did get a good idea for a display for our supply of Becketts.

We're getting read to head back to the Kohl Center for another game tonight. Let's Go Gophers!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New Products In:

2008 UD Heroes Football and Be A Player Hockey are now in stock.
Recent returning products include: 2007 National Treasures, 2007-08 Topps Chrome Basketball, 2005-06 UD Rookie Update Hockey, and 2007 Bowman Chrome Football. More singles of all four major sports added daily. Stop in and see.

Monday, April 28, 2008

New Addition

Three Stars Sportscards is proud to announce the newest addition to our family. Lydia was born at 1222 pm on Thursday, April 24. She was 8 lbs 14 oz and 22 inches long. She is very cute and will be sorting cards in no time. Lydia is doing very well and Mom is doing well other than being tired and sore.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

National Baseball Card Day

First of all, we would like to apologize for not posting to our blog more often. Check back frequently as we are going to try to have multiple weekly updates!

More importantly, Saturday March 29th is National Baseball Card Day. Check our National Baseball Card Day page on our web site for all of the details. Everyone who stops in will receive a special National Baseball Card Day pack with cards from Upper Deck and Topps. In addition, we are going to have a drawing for at least ten prizes including a $100 gift certificate! Check the web site for all of the details!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Another week of good pulls

Well, another week has gone by in the life of Three Stars Sportscards. The local sports scene seems to have stabilized at least for the time being. We are into our second month at Three Stars and are encouraged to see more new faces and also to see repeat visitors. We are increasing our wax selection each week as well as our singles. The baseball case is looking much better. Some better Vince Carter cards seem to have found their way to Roseville, many via different routes. We are continuing to see some good cards pulled from our packs and boxes. Highlights include the Triple Threads 6 QB Foldout card(P. Manning, Brady, Elway, Young, Aikman, & Montana), Joba Chamberlin & Phil Hughes dual auto from Bowman Sterling (by the same guy), and an auto #'d to 29 of Larry Bird from Topps Chrome. The fortune continued today with a pull from SPX hockey of the Spectrum version (#'d to 25) patch auto of Sam Gagner, another easy triple digit card. But all of that pales to what our friend Jared pulled on thursday afternoon. From his box of SP Authentic he pulled the patch autograph true rookie card of Adrian Peterson. It is a sweet three color patch with an on card auto. What a card! He says it's not for trade.
We have more boxes of Topps Chrome Basketball, SPX Hockey, and SP Authentic Football, most are from assorted cases so there is no reason to think the good stuff is all gone. More Bowman Sterling Baseball and Triple Threads Football are on the way as well as the demanded National Treasures Football. Thanks to all who've stopped in and hope to see you soon.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Two great pulls last week

Two different customers pulled the following cards last week:

2007-08 SPX Flashback Fabrics Sidney Crosby Autographed Jersey/Patch #/25

2007 Leaf Limited Adrian Peterson Autographed Patch #/25

Congratulations to the two owners of these cards.

If you have bought a box from us, send us a picture or stop by the store with the card and we'll take a picture of the card and add it to our "Wall of Fame".


Twinsfest 2008 is now complete. We had a great show and got to meet lots of new people. Thanks to everyone that stopped by. Hopefully you picked up a flyer for the store. The show itself was great. We sold a lot of cards as well as some Adrian Peterson autographed memorabilia.